23 Boats you can build – Popular Mechanics



Build a classic!

This 180 page book includes 23 plans for building a classic boat, compiled by the editors of Popular Mechanics in 1950.

Plans include:


  • "Su-Lu"-the PT-Type Plywood Dinghy
  • Trio in Plywood
  • "Seacraft" -a 25-Foot Cabin Cruiser
  • Boats for Sportsmen
  • "Zephyr"-l4-Foot Sailing Dinghy
  • "Arrowhead"-21-foot Sloop
  • "Just for fun" Craft
  • Training "Ships" for Young Sailors
  • Build Your Boat Right
  • Seamanship and Servicing Your Boat

File size: 23mb PDF in 3 separate files of 8mb each.