Plywood V Bottomed Punt Fishing Boat Plans



Originally designed to use a Jet drive with an inboard motor, this boat can be constructed to use a 20-50hp Outboard Motor.

Flat bottomed punts are notorious for their hard ride through waves, but with this design, the ride in a chop is softened by the V entry.

It’s a great fishing platform with excellent stability due to its width (6ft 6in or 2.2 metres). Suitable for Lakes, Rivers, Bays and Estuary use. Construction is typical Plywood over frames and stringers. The addition of Fibreglass covering would make it one tuff craft.

Interior layout can be anything you choose, bench seats, a full flat floor, raised fore-deck. You make it how you want it to your specifications.

If this boat is too big for you, you could shorten it by deleting one rear frame which will reduce the length by approx. 2ft 6in  (750 mm.)

Plans, Full Materials list and "how to build" hull construction details are included in the text PLUS all dimension and tables of offsets. This is not a difficult boat to make and the tools required are very basic.                                                    

Double the fun when you build it and use it.

Suitable for the novice boat builder.

File Size: 13mb ZIP file containing PDF