Pulse Jets, Ram Jets, Turbines


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You wouldn’t believe how many types of jet engines there are.

You can find mout how they work and how to make them.


This is a CD filled with turbojet, pulsejet, ramjet, pressurejet, rocket engine… plans and blueprints. Some plans are intended for model RC airplanes others can power ultralight airplanes, go karts, boats. This is the most complete up-to-date CD on jet engines.

You are getting both newer and vintage plans. 

We've tried to bring out the detail on original vintage plans, some were enhanced to make them more readable. These plans were made before CAD and digital photography and lack the color and clarity of digital. Some files can be found freely distributed on the web. To most of these, we've added new up-to-date graphics and text. Some sets of plans are in foreign languages.

How does the Pressure Jet compare with other jets?

There are Original pressure jet patents including the flying platform, Pressurejet, Resonating jet, Pulse Jet and more.

File Size: 3 x ZIP file containing PDFs between 22 and 29mb.