Simple Band Saw Lumber Mill


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The Simple Saw can be built from the drawings and pictures included, or it can be made in different sizes to suit your needs. Some builders have made it cut as small as 16" wide, while others have expanded it to 60"wide.

Make accurate cuts to break down logs or large timbers. Build your machine to cut ANY length of boards, Long or short. A BAND SAW does not cut a wide kerf, so waste is small.

The Band Saw Blade runs on two Automobile tyres with rims and bearings. An engine of 8 to 15 hp will power this machine easily. Saw blades made to measure, are readilly available.

Parts for the Simple Sawmill are obtained from local steel suppliers, hardware stores, automobile salvage yards and industrial bearing suppliers. Nothing is hard to get.

A parts list is provided in the easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

File size: 3.5mb ZIP file containing PDFs.