Rowboats, Sailboats, Dinghy plans


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Building a project from scratch is one of the most rewarding activities to use your time.

There are approx. 50 plans in this package of Rowboats, Sailboats, & Dinghys. The construction methods are basic and don't require high skill levels or many tools. you can build a basic functional boat or a work of art.

The designs are traditional, but you can use a variety of construction methods. Once you know the dimensions, you can use stitch and glue, traditional frames and plywood or whatever you like. There are no set rules, you can use a construction method that suits you.

Most of the plans show dimensions, describe how they are constructed and what materials to use. The more you look through these plans, the better you will understand how boats go together. As with our canoe/kayak collection, this is a great starter package for the DIY boat builder.