Sheetmetal Folder/Bender Brake Plans


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Plans for building 5 different sized sheet metal (folder bender) brakes.

The brake you see in the picture is 6ft long. It will make up to about 120 degree bends in light gauge aluminum or mild steel.

There are designs for light (up to 2 ft), medium (up to 4 ft), and heavy (up to 6 ft).

You can build these benders any length you like just by changing the length of the frame and clamp, the ends remain the same.  They can be made with mounting holes on each end to bolt it to a work bench, or can be made Floor Standing. They are all steel construction. You can buy all the metal pre-cut from a metal supply. You will need a welder, hacksaw and a drill to build this project.

Also included are some surprisingly simple metal folders which can be built quickly and inexpensively for one-off folding jobs.

File Size: 12mb ZIP file containg PDFs.