14 Classic Aircraft plans from the 20s 30s


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Starting in the 1920’s there was keen interest in the new Aviation Craze. The tools were basic, and the construction methods were simple yet appropriate for amateur builders. Aerodynamics had been by trial and error, and by the end of the 30’s aircraft performance was amazingly efficient.

All of these airplanes were built and flown using the engines of the era. With reliable modern engines, these airplanes are still relevant to today’s pilots.

Included are:

  • Ultra Baby Aircraft Plans
  • Piet Plane Plans
  • Ramsey Bathtub
  • Pietenpol Sky Scout
  • Lincoln Biplane
  • How to Build the Henderson Longster
  • Henderson Longster
  • Gere Biplane
  • Georgias Special
  • Driggs Dart
  • Church Mid Wing
  • Biplane Racer
  • Baby Bullet
  • Alcor Sportplane
  • Ultralight Corben Baby Ace Aircraft Plans 

Plans are for full size aircraft.

File Size: 2 x ZIP files of 17 and 20 mb totalling 38mb