Moni Motorglider Construction Drawings and Plans


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Both Moni Motorglider and Monerai drawings . Both sets of drawings and sketches are presented in PDF format. The single seat Moni Motorglider was only produced as a kit with instructions and assembly drawings, no detailed plans were available. This collection has many dimensioned drawings and a complete set of illustrations of how the aircraft is put together. Some of the files are actual plans and with a bit of inventive scale adjustment, the design gaps might be filled in.

The assembly drawings show all major components, fuselage, spars, controls, wings and tail, engine installation, instrument panel,  undercarriage design, Canopy and engine cowl fitting and many little details.

The Moni can be powered by a 35 to 50hp engine, and has come to notice recently as a candidate for conversion to Electric power as the “Electra Flyer“.

The Monerai was regarded as an outstanding example of a single seat homebuilt glider (or sail-plane). The motorglider version had an engine of about 25 hp mounted above the fuselage, behind the cockpit. Once again, these are sketches and drawings for assembly and probably incomplete.

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