Metal Aircraft Airframe Construction and Manufacturing Manual


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Aircraft Metal Airframe Construction and Manufacturing Manual

(How aircraft were made in the 1930’s and 40’s)



( USN BUAERO Manuals – Bureau of Aeronautics Navy Department)

These documents were first published for the US Navy in 1942, when airplanes were needed in a hurry and in huge numbers. Ordinary unskilled men and women were able to turn out thousands of precision airplanes using simple procedures. The techniques were basic and low tech. and are well within the scope of anyone with a technical mind and a place to work. The results were spectacular and efficient. The operators skill level was basic, but high precision components were produced quickly. Yesterday’s high tech is today’s garage tech. Many methods of forming are described and illustrated in this collection of educational documents. You can use these methods to quickly achieve precise results.

The information in this title goes well beyond aircraft fabrication, in fact all of the techniques described here can be adapted to any project you have in mind from auto repair, restoration or homebuilt airplanes.


There are several titles devoted to drawing full size from small scale plans.

The process is “Lofting” and the methods are simply explained.


This is all basic background knowledge.   -Buy this if you’re going to make anything at all.

These 25 titles are supplied as PDF files. You can print pages.

USN 1 Aircraft Manual Forming by Drop Hammer

USN 2 Aircraft Manual Forming by Press Brake

USN 3 Aircraft Manual Forming by Hydraulic Press

USN 4 Aircraft Manual Forming by Stretch Press

USN 5 Aircraft Manual Forming by Section Tube Bending

USN 6 Aircraft Manual Forming by Draw Bench

USN 7 Aircraft Manual Forming by Crank Press

USN 8 Aircraft Manual Blanking By Routing

USN 9 Aircraft Manual Blanking By Piercing Punch

USN 10 Aircraft Manual Blanking By Shear, Saw, Nibbling

USN 11 Aircraft Manual Airplane Riveting 1

USN 12 Aircraft Manual Airplane Riveting 2

USN 13 Aircraft Manual Lofting Construction Lines

USN 14 Aircraft Manual Reproduce Lines Scaling Up 1

USN 15 Aircraft Manual Reproduce Lines Scaling Up 2

USN 16 Aircraft Manual Prototyping Templets & Layout Mock Up

USN 17 Aircraft Manual Full Size Lofting & Layout Mock up

USN 19 Aircraft Manual Engineering use of the Loft

USN 20 Aircraft Manual Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloy

USN 21 Aircraft Manual Tooling Cast & Moulded Dies

USN 22 Aircraft Manual Spot Welding Aluminum Alloy USAF

USN 23 Aircraft Manual Mathematical Lofting Part 1

USN 24 Aircraft Manual Mathematical Lofting Part 2

USN 25 Aircraft Manual Basic Problems Metal Forming

USN 26 Aircraft Manual Tooling & Templets Metal Forming

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