Grow and Cure your Own Tobacco for Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes


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Since Tobacco was introduced from the Americas to the western world in the 15-16th century, it has been cultivated and cured by farmers all over the world.

Grow Your Own:

With this D.I.Y. information package, you can find out all about it, from the ground up. How to make and cure the differnt types of tobacco for cigars, pipes and cigarettes. All for practically no cost.

Titles Include

  1. Tobacco Culture: Practical Details from the Selection and Preparation of the Seed and the Soil, to Harvesting,
  2. Tobacco: Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing: A Handbook for Planters in All Parts of the World
  3. Tobacco Leaf: its Culture and Cure: A Practical Handbook on the Most Approved Methods in Growing, Harvesting, Curing.
  4. Saxton's Hand-Book on Tobacco Culture: A Complete Manual or Practical Guide
  5. Fertilizing Tobacco to grow high quality leaf.
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