‘The Raven’ KITFOX Replica plans


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Build a KITFOX Replica from Plans. The “Raven”

The Raven is very similar in construction, performance, appearance and dimensions to the Kitfox and the Avid Flyer. It is a high wing 2 seater, of tube and fabric construction. It has simple fore and aft aluminium tube wing spars and the wings can be folded back for trailering or to save hangar space.  There are 45 detail PDF File drawings.  Included is a comprehensive 160+ page PDF Builder’s Manual, which has building instructions and a complete hardware and material list.


(Estimated performance and Specifications)

  • Empty weight 440 lbs with a 50hp Rotax 503,  (Could be equipped with your choice of engines up to 80 hp.)
  • Gross weight 850 lbs
  • Cruise speed 75mph
  • Take off and approach  55mph
  • Stall 45 mph
  • Take off roll 275 ft with 2 on board
  • Landing roll 275 feet.
  • Wing Span 30 ft 
  • Wing area 120 sq ft 
  • Length 18 ft
  • Cabin width 36" (can be widened to 39" or as builder choses).

File Size: 18mb ZIP file containing PDF